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I still wasn't quite satisfied with so I spent some time tinkering over the weekend. I think we can call this version 2.5 Earlier this year I discovered Vue.js and found I quite enjoyed using it, so I recreated my site entirely using Vue. This started nicely but I found it required a lot of work to make the site work with older web browsers. This weekend I decided to go back to a mainly PHP based site and have provided better error handling than my last attempt. I'm sure I'm going to be experimenting with the site for years to come, however for now I'm happy with the current result.

Ticked off another #website #todo late last night. Worked out how to do progress bars with #threejs Take a look -

Today I put my first Django website together. I still barely know any Python, however I was able to muddle through with enough knowledge to get started. Now I potentially have a nice way of putting a Python portfolio together as I learn .... though I sometimes wonder if I'm spreading myself too thin. Maybe in 5 years I'll be coding everything in a language I haven't even heard of yet. Still ... I feel being language agnostic could be a strength. I'm open to the possibility of a One True Programming Language but I remain sceptical regarding it's existence.

At #GMBExpo2019 today. First activity - heading VR balls at a VR dartboard.

It's the first day of the working week (yesterday was a UK holiday if you happen to be reading this from elsewhere). Like many people I have my own personal rituals and habits. This morning, I find myself starting the routine I've developed in different workplaces over the years. In my case a large influence in this is that I like to avoid paper. Below is my 'week notes' routine. - open Evernote I found #Evernote looking for a free OneNote alternative back in the days when they allowed free accounts to sync to any number of devices. It's still a great program and syncing between phone and laptop suits my needs very well for the moment. - create a new week. I usually name this note with the year first and tag it *week notes*. With the year first (followed by month or week number) I can sort by title and the notes will be in chronological order. Not strictly necessary as I could sort by created. As with many habits, it satisfies a small neurosis; a desire for well ordered files in my case. - copy anything forward from the previous week, noting any progress. - list anything new i want to get done, such as send emails, phone calls or finish part of a website. I used to use the tick boxes in Evernote but fell out of love with them one day .... however I can't remember why. I think today I'll try using them again. What's your ritual?

Today Shiny Grey turns 1 year old. #birthday #1yearold

Today Shiny Grey turns 1 year old. #birthday #1yearold

I enjoy both the #design and #development aspects of making #websites. I like to think one thing that makes my approach different is that I like to use #vectorgraphics - shapes and pictures made of coordinates - rather than photographs. This week, while experimenting with a look for a client's site, i created a chicken sunset with a #css gradient. Really happy with how it turned out.

Read the first ever #magazine feature on Shiny Grey Ltd. Physical copies should be appearing around #Liverpool area this week.

New This week the Shiny Grey website has been upgraded to Version 2 running with Vue.js. More content will added over the next few weeks.

Since I started Shiny Grey, each week has brought new things to learn. I've been determined to understand the nuances of business tools on Facebook and using the graph api. If you take a look at the business help page below, you might start to get the impression that there's a lot to know that everyday users never see. It's like wandering around a new city without a map. The layers of settings and controls lead to such absurdities as being able to create a System User in the business manager ... then trying to add that System User in the App Dashboard ... only to find you need to set the System User as a Developer under the app in Business settings ... and then it'll show up as a Developer in the App Dashboard! Confused yet? I think I better take some notes, as I'm certain very soon, I'll forget how I got my post calls working. on the plus side ... i also found the scheduled posts area 😁 v2.0 coming soon. #vuejs #webdevelopment v2.0 coming soon. #vuejs #webdevelopment

Friday night business meeting. All the business. Discussing #instagram feeds and their merits.

... though "soon" depends on how long it takes to get approval for access to page feeds.

Juggling the #wordpress template hierarchy leads to exclamations such as "hey that's not in the parent theme! oh wait ...."

Found myself making friends with #wordpress again recently. The two of us have a complicated relationship.

Today's #win - successful requests to #MySql from an #aspnet MVC site in visual studio #notasstraightforwardashoped

#success ! It took me a few hours but I finally managed to get an #Angular 7 front end request service to call ...See full tweet.

worked instantly #neverdoubtedit

Demonstrating my Twitter app to my #climbing friend. If this doesn't come up in the #PHP page I've made, this be #embarrassing

Today I made a twitter account so that I can use it to learn the twitter #RESTapi. I think I'll include some has ...See full tweet.