Shiny Grey

a design company


My name is Greg and Shiny Grey is my limited company and I work in the north west of England.

I make websites

I have experience with several systems including WordPress

  • I can make WordPress themes and plugins
  • I can setup WooCommerce and enable you to sell things on your website
  • I have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can assist with search rankings

... perhaps you have an older website that you don't have time to give attention. Maybe it needs a little cleaning and maintainence.
I can help.

I design

My background is engineering and I have experience using SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer / Creo Elements. I can contract with clients with a need for computer aided design or help anyone who needs something created in 3D on computer.

How can I help?

Why choose Shiny Grey

Hiring me allows you to benefit from experience crossing several different professions and industries.

Most importantly I want Shiny Grey to be based upon my belief in providing people what they need and not to sell them anything they don't.