Shiny Grey

a design company


My name is Greg and Shiny Grey is my limited company. I work in the north west of England for clients looking for engineering design, web design or software development.

If you have a project and are looking for an engineer, designer or programmer, please get in contact.


What I can do for you.

Hiring me allows you to benefit from experience crossing several different professions and industries.

For example my knowledge of manufacturing and programming allows me to develop applications for calculating Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with an appreciation of the difficulties of use on the shop floor.

My experience of SolidWorks and knowledge of C# means I can create SolidWorks addons to help automate and improve an existing design process.

Engineering Design

3D Solid modeling and 2D computer-aided design.


Drawings for manufacture.


Solid modeling. I am also familiar with AutoDesk Inventor and Creo/ProE.


Photo rendering of models created in SolidWorks.


Video walkthroughs or demonstrations using soild models.

Drawing for manufacture

Clean drawings that match their intended use.

Continuous Improvement

Consulting including OEE systems.

Web Development

Web design. SEO consulting (search engine optimisation).

Web design

Coded from scratch with options to use tools such as Bootstrap.

SEO consulting

Search engine optimisation can mean many things.


Templates, full websites or guidance for the hosting package you bought but haven't had the time to work out.


Vector graphics that can be used for web or engineering drawings.


Creating for PC and mobile.


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows forms programs.


Coding in Kotlin and Java


Database queries and tools


Examples of my work.
Outdoor Classroom
Outdoor Classroom 1

Full view with book cart visible.

Theatre closeup
Outdoor Classroom 2

Theatre closeup

Reading area closeup
Outdoor Classroom 3

Reading area closeup

Final design in AutoCAD
Cylinder Tool final

Drawn in AutoCAD

Test design laser cut in green plastic.
Cylinder tool test design

Test design laser cut in green plastic.

Circle Bench
Circle Bench

Freestanding or embedded in landscape


Prototype legs.

Picnic Table
Picnic Table

Table design with space for wheelchairs.


Skelmersdale, UK